In the sidebar there is a list of all the players in the game separated into tiers. Players you cannot "see" are filed under a tier named "Playerlist". What seeing a player changes is knowing their current position in the game and current Stars&Cards count.

Global Vision

Global vision allows you to see everyone in the game. Positions that have global vision are...

  • Mainhall Tier (Mainhall + Suits)
  • Match Limbo

Local Vision

Local vision is used everywhere else and fits into 2 methods...

  1. You can only see players you're paired with (Meetings & Matches).
  2. You can only see players that share the same position (Restarea)

Selection Blindness

Vision is sometimes shown to be completely "Playerlist" in Global Vision areas so that the Sidebar can be used as player selection. This includes purchasing info from the Manager Suit and sending a Private Message with the Dog Suit. This Vision blindness during player selections is only clientside, temporary and unenforced by the server.