Tournament Mode is aimed towards direct competition with every player's goal being to gain the most Stars. No players are able to enter a Tournament Mode game after it starts so that everyone is on equal footing when the game starts and so the game will end once everyone runs out of Stars or Cards.


See Tournament Mode Endgame


Tournament Mode's leaderboard is ordered by the following criteria...

  • Most Stars Owned (ties broken by...)
  • Least Matches Played (ties broken by...)
  • Least Losses in Matches (ties broken by...)
  • Quickest Finish of the Game

To prevent cheating the leaderboard by quitting early with a high Star count, we subtract from Stars ownership for any Cards leftover using the formula: Stars - (Cards * 1.5).


Tournament mode has a semi-spectator mode by showing the stats of in-game players in the leaderboard and the Stock info. Spectators can also interact with in-game players through the Restarea.