The Table Suit offers 3 tips to players concerning Matches. Only one tip can be acquired each visit. Tips are automatically logged to the Profile Notes of all relevant players.

Match Results

Match Results detail which cards were used, how much each player bet in the match, whether a forced bet was used, whether a player let the server choose their card and if a player used a doubles token.

Depending on the server settings, tips for match results may only be offered for a limited time or to a limited amount of players or both. Also certain server settings along with certain match conditions may prevent a tip being offered...

  • Zombie Tips: Tips where one of the players is dead.
  • Kill Tips: Tips in which one of the players was killed (lost their last star).


When Match Results tips expire (via the timelimit or dispense limit) a Fans Tip will be offered to the players who were the subjects of the Results Tip. Fans Tips tell you all the players who acquired that Match Result TIp.