The Security Suit offers 3 tips to players concerning trades. The Dog Suit is also in this position and can be used to send a private message to any player. Only one tip can be acquired or one message sent each visit. Tips acquired are automatically logged to the Profile Notes of all relevant players.

Trade Results

Trade Results give the following information about a trade: the amount of Stars exchanged, the exact RPS cards exchanged, the exact employees exchanged, the amount of Personal Debt exchanged and the amount of Bundled Debt exchanged.

Trade result tips are only available after a Meeting has completed so it can assure a final net trade (since multiple trades can occur within a single meeting).

Depending on the server settings, tips for trade results may only be offered for a limited time or to a limited amount of players or both. Also certain server settings may match with certain trade conditions to prevent a tip being offered...

  • Zombie Tips: Tips where one of the players is dead.
  • Save Tips: Tips in which one of the players was saved (exited the game via trade).


When Trade Results tips expire a Fans Tip will be offered to the players who were the subjects of the Results. Fans Tips tell you all the players who acquired the Trade Results Tip.

Private Message

A single message can be sent via the Dog Suit to any player regardless of where they are. Empty messages are valid. The message will automatically include the sender's name.