Matches are the main pivot point of Restricted-RPS where Stars change hands, cards in play are expended and player strategies reach their conclusions. All players will routinely end up in matches, by choice or by the turn limit.

Waiting Limbo

When a player is alone in the Match area they are considered in Limbo. If the player isn't ever joined by an opponent before they run out of Limbo turns then the player will be ejected with a new set of turns as if they participated in a match. While in limbo players maintain vision of the Mainhall.

Betting Phase

Once 2 players are in a Match together the vision becomes local and the Betting Phase starts.

See Match Exiting

See Betting

Card Selection Phase

Following the betting phase is the card selection phase where each player has a limited amount of time to select one of their available RPS cards to play. When a player has locked in a card an alert will be sent to the opponent, informing them of this. If a player fails to lock in a card selection before the phase ends a card will be selected for them by the server. The server's selection rules are...

  • The card type with the most stock will be selected.
  • Stock ties are broken by choosing the first in the sequence, R-P-S.

Match Conclusion

The cards used by each player are removed from the server. If the match results in a push (both players used the same card type) then the stars each player bet are returned to them. Otherwise the winner of the match will be awarded the pot. If a match completes with a player running out of stars or cards, they will be ejected from the game.

The profit from match wins are affected by the Debt and Human Capital systems.