Unlike every other non-Mainhall area in Restricted-RPS, Matches do not have a simple Exit button. This is important to prevent players from being able to endlessly run away from dangerous opponents.

Agree to Exit

The Agree to Exit button requires that both players involved agree to end the Match. If an Exit is agreed to both player will return to the Mainhall.

Table Splitting

Table Splitting is not a full exit but allows a player to run away from an opponent under certain conditions. The conditions in which table splitting is available are for players who...

  • Are not on their final Limbo turn.
  • Have not already used a table split.
  • Have not had a table split used on them.

When a table split is used, the splitter is moved to an empty table and has their Limbo turns reduced by one. The splitee is also moved to a new table but not assured an empty one, if there is a 3rd party waiting at an empty table they will be joined by the splitee.