With the Human Capital system a player can purchase "Employees" from Manager-chan. Employees cost the amount of Stars they currently own (meaning a player can only purchase someone who is at least 1 Star poorer). The Owners can also themselves be employed by another player, making them a "Middle-Man" creating chains of Human Capital.

Match Profit

All star profit earned by winning matches are transferred from Employee to Owner (through any Middle-Men) except when the match took place against someone in the Human Capital chain (Employee winning against their Owner). In that case the profit will flow through the chain, stopping before reaching the original source of the Stars.

This takes priority over Debt obligations.

Owners Rights

The ownership of an Employee comes with the following rights...

  • Exclusive ownership of an Employee (a player cannot have 2 direct owners).
  • Can trade their Employees in Meetings. (If an Employee is traded to itself, the Employee is freed.)
  • Can force Employees into joining matches of waiting players.
  • Can send their Employees private messages at any time (via their profile) without needing to use Dog Suit.
  • Will receive the Stars of an Employee who exits the game unnaturally (quits or lags out).
  • Will receive the Cards of an Employee who exits the game via losing their Stars.
  • Will receive the owned players of their Employee (a Middle-Man) who exits the game.

Slaves Rights

Being owned comes with the following rights (and restrictions)...

  • Unable to purchase anything from Manager Suit.
  • Freed on exit of Owner (if Owner was not a Middle-Man).
  • When at 1 Star, Employees are given updates on the full info of their Owner.
  • Trading functionality is unchanged, all gains from Trading are kept.