Doubles Tokens are bought from the Assistant Manager Suit at the cost of a star or given to each player at the start of the game like a standard resource and can be used in matches to double the pot.


A player can use, or cancel the use, of their Doubles Token at any time when in a match. When used, the pot is doubled by the server matching the player's bets. If the match has a winner, the used Doubles Token is expended and the winner of the match is awarded the doubled pot. If the match ends in a push, the used Doubles Token is given to the opponent.


Purchase availability differs on the game mode. In Tournament Mode a fixed amount of Doubles Tokens are available from the start of the game. In Continuous Mode Doubles Token sales is based on how in need Stars are in the game for completing goals and so only available when the server needs to introduce new stars to compensate for deflation.