Continuous Mode is a gameplay mode where the game is played continuously, with players able to enter and re-enter the game at any time. The mode is not competitive focused, with each player being given a personal goal to achieve.


Goals are constructed of the following 4 sub-goals...

  • Get X or more Stars: Requires ownership of a certain amount of Stars at the game completion.
  • Play X or more Matches: Requires playing to completion in a certain amount of Matches.
  • Get X or more Kills: Requires achieving of a certain amount of Kills. (Kills are matches where you win and take your opponents final star.)
  • Get X or more Saves: Requires achieving of a certain amount of Saves. (Saves are trades in which your trading partner's goals are achieved and you take their final cards, allowing them to exit the game.)

Stars and Matches sub-goals will always be included in a goal as they have a minimum of 1, whereas Kills and Saves sub-goals have a minimum of 0.


Continuous Mode's lobby leaderboard is also not competitive focused. Anyone who achieves their goal will appear on the leaderboard, with the latest entries at the top.