During the betting phase of Matches, the 2 players have a limited time in which to agree to a betting amount or force a bet. If neither of those are accomplished the bet defaults to 1 Star each.

Standard Bet

Standard Bets requires both players to offer an amount of stars and to agree to the amount of stars offered to them. The amounts offered do not need to be equal, allowing for asymmetrical betting agreements.

Forced Bet

The Forced Bet option is available when both players have more than 1 Star and the forcing player is able to afford one of the Forced Bet payments...

  • A Star paid to the server. (The payment will be refunded if for any reason the match isn't completed.)
  • Locking off an RPS card type, making it unavailable for use in that match and telling the opponent which card type was locked off. (Requires the forcing player to have at least 2 card types.)

The betting amount of forced bets is symmetrical except in cases where the forcing player has more stars than their opponent and chooses to force a bet that their opponent is incapable of equaling.